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To share our vision of iFavr.org requires a bit of imagination. Imagine a place where people go to share what they like best. A place where the opinions of many people are combined to turn opinions into social proof; where information is easily and anonymously shared and the combined data are available for all to view, analyse and share.

Socially sound

Social media is proof that people like to share what they like best, so the idea behind iFavr is sound. But as a social enterprise we want to reward users who volunteer their opinion using the iFavr app, by giving something in return …

As a profit-for-purpose business we’ve built social conscience into the fabric of iFavr.org by pledging to contribute 51% of our profit to charity and education.
— Anton Parsons, Founder

Not only can you share what you like best and discover what other people prefer, but you also contribute to a good cause, simply by volunteering your opinion.

Anyone can use it

All of this is made possible by a very simple and consistent way to capture peoples’ favorites:

I favor [best] over [next best] [in this context]

All favorites are linked and compared in a large dataset of what people like best, as well as why, when, where or how they like it. iFavr is opinion polling on steroids!

Our mission is to create a valuable resource that is fun to use and provides valuable information to all users, whether you’re a casual user wanting to know what your boyfriend would like for his birthday, or a business interested in which product features your customers like most.

Compare anything

The iFavr app was designed with social surveys, polls and quick quizzes in mind. It’s user friendly — instead of questions demanding answers, iFavr presents users with a statement. These statements are open ended and users can swap best and next best, edit or add their own favorites or add more context. It is much more fun and easier than completing a survey, and being open-ended solves the problem of surveys asking the wrong questions or limiting the response options.

All favorites are presented to you in a fun favorites feed. By responding, you make these favorites your own, to share with friends, peers or customers — simply invite them with a few taps in the iFavr app.

You have exclusive access to the results of the invitations you sent, with the added benefit of comparing it to all other responses. Are you targeting the right customers or market? iFavr provides a benchmark for comparison!

By design, iFavr is open-ended allowing you to add, edit, share or compare anything!

Create social content

At iFavr we love data, but you don’t have to be a data scientist to analyse the results. We’ve written the queries for you. All you need to do is to slide the Select Slider from ‘discover’ to ‘exact’ and display the results in beautiful charts. We encourage you to share these results with friends, customers or on social media for more people to volunteer their opinion, adding to the social proof of the results.

I started this blog post by appealing to your imagination, but the iFavr app is real and available to download now. Out latest release offer 7 modes to share the things you like best. Pick your favorite mode and volunteer your opinion today!

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