On Medium it is all about the idea, not the author. It is about the story and how people react to it. It is about readers following a story by recommending and commenting. So here is our idea…

Data is more valuable when shared.

… and what data is more valuable than the things we like best — our favorites?

We all suffer from survey fatigue. Every other interaction we have with a business seems to be followed by a customer survey. Even an innocent search on TripAdvisor results in an email wanting to know “Did you end up going” and “Rate and review”.

Surveys suck! Let’s pause a moment and test this statement:

On a scale where 1 is “very painful” and 9 is “an absolute joy” what do your rate your experience of completing surveys and questionnaires?

Or try this version of the very popular and overused Net Promoter question, often the last question of a very long survey:

On a scale of 0 to 9 where 0 means “never ever” and 9 means “without hesitation”, how likely are you to ask a close friend or a loved one to complete this survey?

Matthew Champagne, Ph.D. author of The Survey Playbook, admits that for many years he gave talks entitled: “Surveys R.I.P.” and “Surveys: Why do we hurt the ones we love?” and while Champagne became an expert in teaching business people to create better surveys, the real question is do we need surveys at all?

Is there not a better way? We started iFavr (‘I favor’) with a very simple question;

“How do you recommend to a friend something you really like?”

And the answer was obvious:

“I like this because …” or
“I favor this over that because …”

We discovered that by capturing the things people like best in this simple and frictionless way, we can compare favorites, tally votes, and analyze and share the results.

The idea of sharing results is not new, polls reward those who respond by displaying the results. But iFavr takes sharing data to a new level.

We think of iFavr as polling on steroids!

Users collect favorites by voting anonymously on favorites in the feed or by adding their own. This data is available to all to analyze, while protecting the anonymity of users - no programming or big data analytical skills required! We have done all the hard work, and users can discover what other people like best with a simple ‘select slider’.

To gather your own data there is no need to draft questions or compile a survey. Create a poll or a quiz by selecting one or more favorites and invite friends or customers to share their opinion. The user who shared the poll or survey has exclusive access to the results from their friends or customers, with the added benefit of being able to compare their results to a community benchmark.

The community benchmark takes data sharing to the next level

Are you targeting the right market? A benchmark comparison may hold the answer. Maybe you are just curious to know how your opinion stacks up to the rest, or whether you can pick the most popular favorites. Download the free iFavr app and let us know what you think.

At iFavr we are on a mission to solve the puzzle of what people like best, and we need your help. If you like the idea of ‘iFavr’ or like the idea of an alternative to surveys and questionnaires, please recommend this story so that other Medium readers can share their view.

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