I wrote this article in response to a series of messages I woke up to see on an online tech platform I am a member of.

The conversation revolved around the fact that there were few women in technology and consequently few female tech founders…


The first words that come to mind as I put this piece together are: I have no clue about how to be a good African. I have no idea but I would try to share what I am learning. I am also on a…

A Nigerian Girl on Why Removing Colonial Symbols Matter

I jumped up and down in excitement as I watched the video on television of the removal of the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol, United Kingdom. Interesting it wasn’t the first time I was seeing the video, I had watched…

During the earlier part of this year, I got admitted to law school, although I preferred to be posted to Lagos. I was posted to Bayelsa which I liked and was sad about at the same time. …

Going Live on Instagram.

First you need to know that going live on Instagram is not as scary as you think.

If you probably asked me last year, what I would prefer: Walking naked in the bank or going live on Instagram? …

I am on my period!!

I am on my period or should I say Aunt Flo is here or it’s Bloody Mary time or which ever euphemism we have found for this thing.

This is awkward but I want to talk about this. This really isn’t about feminism, please don’t…

Dear Student Leader,

When I think of leadership, the first word that comes to mind is Influence. For a while I grappled with understanding what leadership really meant, ‘ was it popularity? Did it mean having a large following? Did It mean being really social and liked my many?’ …

How to mess 2020 Up?

This is going to be a super short piece but of course, there are a lot of things that you can do to make 2020 a mess. I have a shortlist (please feel free to add yours in the comments), here goes:

  • Procrastination

For most…

2020: Ask yourself Why?

While reflecting on the New Year, this is one of the thought that crossed my mind. I had been thinking about it but a tweet brought it to consciousness again.

Ask yourself: Why?

Whatever you do ask yourself why am I doing this?

As much as…

My expression when I think of the possibility of missing out permanently.

This post was originally written a few days to my 23rd birthday (for context).

My name is Ife and I turn 23 in a few days and I am no longer anxious.

It might sound weird to you but I was previously anxious.

We live in a world where awards…

Ife Agboola

I’m PathFinding. Africa is my home and my heart.

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