5 Websites I Use to Hack My Way Through Life and Keep my Stone Rolling

Mid 2015 forwarding to 2016 had been a tremendous year that I realised I was truly going to stick working and doing stuff on the web and computers.

This decision & experience of course generated its own kind of challenges apart from the ones I had offline, in fact, these things are intertwined, your daily job will somehow have some connection or effect with what you do outside of it. So when those issues come, or not come, I have couple of places I hang around and work with, which does help me hack or tweak my way out of life’s challenges as they come from time to time…

  1. LifeHack.org
    I Hacked life and its major difficulties couple of times with this, it’s a great choice to pick and use tips from there as long as I could filter out what worked best for me from there. Get corrections, better yourself, learn from quotes, practical examples and routines used by the best and famous people that had achieved big goals.

2. Jango.com
Honestly, I love Music, I really do, even if I don’t see myself performing for a crowd at a Karaoke anytime soon as I once planned to. 
Jango is an online radio that blends all kinds of music Genres for me. All i have to do is put my headphones on, Press play on the website and continue with other stuff.

3. BuzzFeed.com -
everything, plenty kinds of fresh and old hilarious posts while other posts there just make you become aware of things you never knew before.

4. Medium.com - 
Here, at Medium. Vast range of awesome articles, personal opinions, according to the types I subscribed for.

5. Reddit & Quora -
Two different sites that does same thing, IMO, Topics & Discussions, although I get a lot more fresh stuff on Reddit. But on Quora it’s strictly Ask or just keep learning from people’s Questions and Answers, always real stuff happening there on both websites.

Slack — I use this to arrange and do Group Work with real people or just execute Personal targets with aid from various slack robots.

Who else is hacking through life? How have you been overcoming challenges or drawbacks? Do you use any of the above?

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