Handling Dialogues on the Internet with Curious, Lazy People and Those who Know the Answers You Seek

Curiosity is a very strong attribute I like about people I roll with and myself (My close friends know I’m inquisitive to a fault). It’s awesome to ask questions and try to know and learn new things, everybody can equally learn in that process, you too can learn from questions even as you pass knowledge to who you are answering.

But let’s look into various situations where you have to answer so many questions from a lot of people online probably coz of something you’re good at. Perhaps, gadget related questions, or how to make online cash legitimately, designing a book cover etc, depending on your major.

There will be boring questions (wait, you think your questions weren’t boring? We’ll discuss boring questions as you read on), there will be help vampires, basic questions will come, repeated and thrown at you many times. If I am to speak for myself in that situation I can really get frustrated and let the questions slide, I am a human being too. Although, ignoring messages (questions) from people who want to know stuff; isn’t my thing, I’ve known what it feels like to be ignored after asking questions that are not even bad but it’s okay lol..

Dealing with the Lazy, Curious ones

If a person is asking too many Questions, (especially newbies) when we notice they refuse to make honest Effort to find out things themselves or don’t want to dig deep, I had to come about How You, Friends and Strangers

a. Those who Refuse to Find out things Out by themselves can be handled. This also covers

b. How You can handle a person when You Ask them questions (in case they treat you like the “lazy” curious ones).

Everything is covered within 3 options:

  1. Get Your Answers when The Person you asked, is Free — Since answering is likely a FREE service from most people, you only get replies when they have free time to answer your queries. I had been in that position often. I ask questions a lot and wait. I really usually have no right or reason to get angry about that. The person you asked a question is human too, he /she needs to work, rest, have a good time with their family and loved ones, in fact I usually tend to wait so much till sometimes I get to be clearly ignored while waiting for replies. 
     >> Messages sent and Seen, No reply! << Very awkward moments…

Well, I didn’t pay to get answers, so why Should I be mad over it? Why should you? 😂

EDIT: More so, some people suck at communicating via inbox, asking boring questions that sometimes trespass privacy — What is your Dad’s name, are you a virgin? How old are you? How much have you made this year… *snub-alert*

And you’ll likely get snubbed when you “start” by asking unnecessary questions — “Have you eaten today? Did you pee today? What is the name of your village? **face-palm**

To avoid that, try to be straight forward with your questions and/or answers.

2. Give You Resources and use them — Resources which includes Google and any other sites. This is the internet and literally Google is god. Just type in your questions and use answers you see in the search results. Go there, read up, get help.

3. Anything more, could be Consultancy — Some people shy away, feel lazy or reluctant typing queries on Google and spend quality time reading stuff from there. They want all your time and attention. I’ve tried being that super hero before when I was soaked into my tech blogging career, I gave it my all, wasn’t easy dealing with over 100 questions per month (from basic to complex ones) till now I had taken a big break.
Just recently, questions were thrown at me about ideas and how to make Online cash then I replied this guy with resources, my reply got the guy telling me “hey Edi, I told you nothing still beats life experience” or Personal Coaching which means he doesn’t want to read stuffs I showed him. He’s asking for Consultancy (demanding lot of guides, time and attention), and sadly, he never wanted to still pay for that.

N.B — I am still not a fan of paying for knowledge as long as the internet is concerned (except I’m getting a crude certificate or intentionally Donating to the Author). 
I am only cool paying for tools and/or personal coaching, consultancy.

Personal coaching takes time and time is money. If we get free coaching from a friend, stranger, or mentor, we should be really thankful to such knowledgeable person sparing so much time to tutor us.

Over the years, I’ve had mentors I ran to, to answer my queries, when I was confused what options to choose from, or could not understand what I read when doing research.

Reading and scrapping line(s) from what you had read or tried doing is effort and asking questions (your effort will always reflect in your questions) from there shows a sign that you are already close to achieving your Goal.