2015 in view: of tears, laughter and victories
Tomi Adesina

My iya, you know I love you plenty even though I don’t say it. Even though I don’t keep in touch. Even though I let “life” take over me.

You lessons are poignant. Don’t forget them. I hope I am able to apply them. Because, I need them in my life to make a better me in 2016.

It is obvious in 2015 Godwin in your life regardless of the setbacks and challenges. Let’s pray for more of this in the incoming year.

Life is a bed of roses with many thorns, but we have to bear the pain and smell the roses. Gratitude is meant to be a way of life. I see you abiding in that knowledge. I guess this is the most I have said to you this year. Lolzzzz! Hugs and kisses jare!

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