It’s June 17th 2020 — one year since I joined Microtraction.

A long way since the events described in my Breaking into Tech story — since that first email to Yele.

Let’s go back to the beginning, shall we?

Day 1— June 17, 2019

My colleagues would say I was super quiet at the first internal meeting. …

When I made the decision to leave banking for the startup life, some thought I was going crazy. The biggest question was why I was leaving stability and a “sure” monthly pay for a tech company they weren’t sure would meet salaries at the end of that month. I’ll admit that for most of these people, startups weren’t more than manifested wishful thinking doomed to die in a few months. Now my friends call me “tech sis” and my mum has said I’d explain what I do to her one day.

I don’t tell this story to inspire. This is my journey. Not all of us will be tech bro or tech sis and that’s fine. …

A few days ago, I shared a link that allowed people send me anonymous messages. The truth is that some of the people who sent their thoughts have never met me in person or worked closely with me. There were however indicators on which they based their assumptions. For example,

  • I had a serious face when they saw me in passing, therefore I must be unfriendly.
  • They never saw me at crowded events, therefore I must be antisocial.
  • I am ~6’1" when the global height average for women is 5’4", therefore I must be intimidating or unapproachable.
  • I frequently posted tech startup related content and they had heard of me therefore I must be smart. …


Ife Ojobanikan

Aka: Tech sis. Investment Associate @Microtraction. Also writes about startups, early-stage investments and (financial) technology.

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