Alcatraz Island, the Oakland Bay Bridge, and San Francisco (seen from Sausalito, CA), Nov 22, 2014

During my first year at Interactive, one thing that was stressed to me by several people was that I should pick and attend a conference. I chose An Event Apart. I had been to An Event Apart in the past (once in Washington, DC, and once in Atlanta, GA) and knew it was a quality event with a great set of speakers. But, which one should I go to?

Several events were sold out and the events that remained weren’t that close to me. Wherever I went, I’d have to travel to get there. So, why not the west coast.

San Francisco, CA

Hello, I’m Josh (credit: Jordan, my wife)

I was born in Salem, Virginia in 1986. I grew up in a small town in the foothills of North Carolina. I moved to Raleigh for college in the mid-2000’s and never left. I like it here.

Until 2014, I’d only travelled as far as a car would take me (a family vacation to Orlando, work trips to Rhode Island and Milwaukee — never anywhere further from home than that). But, last year, I boarded a plan for the first time. Then a second time. Then a third. …

Josh Rucker

Software Engineer. Photographer.

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