I long to you, as a river longs to the sea

Listen to the music while reading

For a brief moment in time

I was close to you

you were close to me

Where did time and space take me?

I became a river inside our planet

and I am searching for ways out

looking for ways to cross the earth

hoping you will reach out

I want to get close to you

I want you to welcome me

my water has seen much

would bring you new things

Will you love them?

Will you love me?

If I could only merge myself in you

discover your coasts and shadows

see all, what you got into you

show you all, that I bring with me

If I could only see

a glimpse of your waters

just a glimpse, just a part

of what you have in them

Will you allow me?

If I could only merge

in the eternal calmness

in the dynamism that you offer

then this feeling of fire

would quiet, would fade

Will it ever?

If you let me I will show you around

I will bring you with me, in a cycle of adventure

where through the heat we will be lifted up

travel through clouds and drop down to new places

finding our way through rivers, to go back to you

to go back to us

Would you love that?

But I know it won’t happen

my waters will not reach you

and I won’t merge in them

I may try to outburst as a volcano

and reach as lava your coast

but as the cold will solidify my heat

I will become stone

I will become hard

only to stare your waters from the side

longing to merge

dreaming to discover

hoping to enrich

Will I then die?

May be part of my volcanic lava will reach you

and drop down to the bottom of your world

to the dark places

where there is much happening

and so little at the same time

and I will be just touching you

but not merge in you

Will I be able to live with that?

But I may be the water of the river coming down

creating shapes and forms bringing earth presents to you

only to discover that I am stopped in the form of a lake

in still waters, like lost in limbo

trapped in earth

losing curiosity and my fuel of passion

accepting that naive and curious child feelings

are welcome in a land of dreams and fiction

where everything is possible

where nothing can stop me

where my energy and your energy fuze

in a new warm world

where everything is safe

where we can play with fire and not burn

where we can experiment and not get lost

where we can be ourselves and be welcome

where everything is new

where much is known

where much is unknown

where everything is exciting

where there is place for all of it

Only if I could reach you

I could discover those new worlds

and I could show you mines

Will that ever happen?

I long to you, as a river longs to the sea

Will that ever happen?