What Is Virtual Reality?
Brenda Laurel

Thank you Dr. Laurel! Great article. As new VR artist and now phd student, there are times I have to explain what “virtual reality” means and, to be honest it is sometimes complicated. However you have described it in a very comprehensive but brief way. People even from this area of research, tend to confuse immersion with presence and Virtual Reality with Virtual Environments’ design, referring to VR as desktop games and applications (that are described as “immersive” and “addictive”). I personally understand that VR is now the new “trend”, but I feel that people should have a deeper understanding on what it stands for, the previous research, the idea..and not just design an environment or a game, make it HMD compatible and call it “VR experience”. Such experiences should be orderly designed for their purpose. On the other hand, it is incredibly encouraging that people are so excited regarding VR and many companies’ interests broaded to include AR/VR applications. At this rate, I estimate we will witness incredible technological developments and research findings in the very near future. Thank you again! (Send from my mobile)

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