UCD Charette

What? Throughout the last studio session we conducted an intense period of design activity (otherwise known as a “charrette”) in order to improve the car dashboard, specifically in regards to our user group which was color blind users. We wanted our ideas to meaningfully benefit this user group in particular and so we began by brainstorming and discussing problems that color blind users may experience in their daily life.

Sketching out a scenario where a user interacts with our solution

One way we thought could improve the experience of our user base was to change the way that traffic is displayed from color based (red is heavy traffic) to symbol based (dashed lines mean little traffic, solid lines mean high traffic). By drawing out a scenario related to this we were able to finalize our idea and draw a user interaction map.

Finalizing how we want the user to interact with the technology

So what? While it was interesting and exciting to come up with quick solutions to real world problems, it was difficult to really understand what our user base wants because of the high speed process. In the future I think it is important to do more research on our selected user base in order to really understand their problems and in order to provide better, more complete solutions.

Now what? Charettes are highly useful tools for coming up with fast design solutions in times of need. In my opinion they’re best suited for times of emergency when a speedy solution is more valued than the best solution possible. For example, a charette might be a useful tool to help others during a natural disaster like a tornado or a tsunami where we need a way to assist those in need extremely fast. Tools and strategies could be developed in charettes and their high speed nature could save lives. I will definitely keep these ideas and tools in mind for the future.

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