3 Reasons Why Congress Should Tell the President: “You’re Fired!”

Dear Congress,

The President has now had six months on the job, which makes it an excellent time to conduct a mid-year job performance evaluation:

  1. Our Departments of State and Defense are so dangerously understaffed by the President that we invite international crisis. Compare his underperformance with his predecessors’, who each had three times the appointments. Does he take his job as POTUS seriously?
  2. While he is the President, he declassifies anything he wants and bombs anyone he pleases without consulting you. He is truly not managing his Presidential duties responsibly, and that endangers us all. Consider this carefully: Do you really trust him? Really? REALLY?
  3. The President shot his credibility at home and with other countries because he has told multiple big lies every day for six months. Consequently, he isolated America from the G-20 due to unprofessional etiquette and his inconsistent policies on NATO, Paris Accord, and trade. The President has no desire and no capacity to lead the world.

It is for these reasons that we recommend you terminate his employment in the White House, and proclaim: “Mr President, you’re fired!”


The American People, aka Your Board of Directors

P.S. — Please inform the President that scruples are NOT Russian currency.