I experienced God personally through her

It was just 2 days ago, I came in contact with a lady like no other. One of those virtuous woman types that you almost never come across nowadays. What happened that day will forever change my life.

Oh well, it’s the Easter break and I think to travel down to Port Harcourt to go and surprise my folks, which I think went down well. The expression on my dad’s face when he opened the door, and that on my mum’s when I caught her red-handed cooking one of my favorite meals without me in mind. Oh well, busy making her husband a happy man.

Rewind back to 2 days ago, I get to the bus park, get my ticket, and find my way to the bus. I travel light and as such, I usually have little or no worries about the luggage situation. On getting aboard, I notice that there’s this pretty lady seated beside my seat, and I think to myself:

this journey might just be worth it

Funny enough, I jump in, I don’t even say ‘hello’, minding my business and in a jiffy, we were off. A few minutes out, she announced:

Let us pray

I was somewhat surprised as I did not expect it from her but oh well. This life na only 1. Everyone does what they must, which is what I thought at the time. I think I’m far too judgmental for my own good. But All things are working for my good, it’s intentional (singing). She faced everyone and prayed, I think only 1 person said amen. Walai, i was shocked. I remember the last times I went on road trips, quite a good number of people in the bus say amen or at least feel guilty for not saying it. Now, most hearts haff block to stone.

The travel buses usually have televisions in them, and they play these comedy videos almost throughout the journey to keep us entertained. At some point, the videos lost audio. I remembered I had an unwatched episode of Prison Break from the night before. I popped out my mac and plugged in the headphones to finish up. She asked to watch, and I obliged her with one earphone bud. The not so enjoyable part, was having to explain what happened in episode 1 as a prequel to what I was watching, but I did it anyways.

At our third stop to eat, somewhere in Delta, we started talking obligingly. She came over to where I was. I knew I wanted to talk to her and I wasn’t sure why. I flipped my phone upside down on the table so I wouldn’t get distracted by it. I cannot even remember what my first line was, but it worked, and we started talking. We talked about food, then about work, back to eating habits, and circled around there for a while.

We strolled back to the bus to complete the journey to Port Harcourt. We talked about the same things, but in deeper and meaningful detail. I’m not exactly sure how we got to this point , but we did and I was glad. She asked me:

What church do you attend?

I didn’t feel the need to lie or to make excuses. I told her that I didn’t have one. I usually have a somewhat valid excuse to give to people after this response to make them see things from my perspective. But this time, I kept quiet, something within told me to listen, so I did. Funny enough, she wasn’t even talking about church. She kept on about God and setting apart time for God. I mean I knew most of these things but I wasn’t practicing them, but I just let her continue. I felt I could learn a thing or two from her because besides her cogency, I could feel the passion in her voice, and with passion comes more from within.

The knockout blows were her personal stories that touched. They actually did touch and not in the hackneyed way. She said many things, but whatever she said, she backed it up with a personal testimony, not hearsay. What I liked most was when she described her transition from a good christian child to one with a personal experience with God. Of course as always, it forever changed her life till this day.

I remember that we veered off at a point and talked about preachers nowadays and how it is hard for them to convince others. There’s a popular saying: “practice what you preach”. This is where a lot of people in the world are lacking today. Of course it’s hard(not impossible), but nothing good comes easy. There’s a generic side to this where you say one thing and do another (hypocrisy) and there’s the other bit of preaching a message that even you do not believe because you don’t have that personal experience. It is just read the bible and preach or give back knowledge, as opposed to reading, understanding and living it.

The passion and sincerity that I found in her was stunning. She is sure and very very sure that God is real and has her life to back it up. Ain’t nobody gonna take that away from her. She put God to test by praying and believing, and God answered her prayers. I mean she finished talking, and I had no comeback. There was nothing I could say to buttress or negate her. We were not on the same level.

Conclusively, she gave me a personal challenge that I have started and I know it will work out good for me. She asked me to draw closer to God. Communicate with him regularly. Make time for God. I actually wrote this down:

Give it 3 months and check the difference. 
I can’t be regular.

There and then, I knew I was going to write about this. I know it’s not going to be easy, but I have a new friend to confide in and share my experiences and this journey with. It has started and in 3 months, there’ll be a post with a difference.

Cheers folks! Have a great Sunday. Happy Easter.