Provided that I love myself and assuming that my thoughts are pure, a most daring person to show me my wrongdoing is perfection.

Provided the rhythms and patterns unseen are true, telepathy will be tonite — through dreaming.

Proven self-control, proven magic, provided all the teeth I have left are glowing, there’s always a song for a moment.

Proverbs 14 is what I’ve been on — what’s been inside of me, like carbon dioxide.

Some may think carbon dioxide is a negative impact, but how will I give back to my environment unless I learn from my mistakes?

Why would I ever (it’s not in my character to) be someone I’m not??

Customer service really matters, but also a healthy work environment for the employees — not one where the majority of people are unkind, but where there is progress. If business is great for an unhealthy work environment- just imagine when everyone is in a ‘healthy’ work environment.

Anyone could accidentally lose their life over a stressful environment, to be easily replaced, not even missed for more than a moment.

Anyone can lose a child if not in a healthy mental space and/or work environment- in various ways.

I confessed my sins to a wiseman. They advised me to speak the truth and in doing so I’ve offended them. They couldn’t breathe but I checked on them — for they are old.

Criticism can be accepted but experience doesn’t make one wise, but the lessons learned AND a more positive mindset.

I am writing this in the attic of a mansion. The sunlight is isolated from all other beings. The air is thick & smells like the rain forest, looks very green, and sounds like the rain forest.

We have this ONE life. Where is your other rib tonite? Have you eaten? Have you exhaled? Have you smiled?

The problem isn’t a problem, but a challenge. Even the most complicated problems are not real, but imaginary.

Nothing is real. . .

Except the memories we leave behind, those are real.

How we made people ‘FEEL’ . . .

At the end of every life, that is all that matters.

Emotions. Feelings.

I’m embracing this more and more, but also disciplining myself, daily.

According to verse 25, 26, & 27. . . I’ll have a great night of sleep, tonite. QUALITY-WISE.

Why do most of the English letters in the alphabet not start with the letter they represent?!

C, F, G, H, L, M, N, Q, R, S, U, W, (X — is an exception), Y

why does ‘Y’ start with the ‘w’ sound but the ‘W’ letter starts with the ‘D’ sound when it’s ACTUALLY ‘2 V’s’ & NOT ‘2 U’s!’ IT SHOULD BE CALLED “WIVVLE! (Opposed to “double-vee”)




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Anne Wins

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