Suddenly Summer

Kelsey Breseman
Apr 29 · 1 min read

Last week, the bees were buzzing on the heather, I worried they’d be hungry, waking to only green
But the porch this morning had sunlight with warmth in it, you move because it’s too much, suddenly summer with blossoms bobbing on all the trees
Last night in evening, the sun still tires too fast, feeble beams anemic and me in my long black cloak, blanket on the porch to keep me outside. But suddenly summer enough today that my skirt hits above the knees and me without leggings
I let the breezes lick still a little too cold along my calves, it’s warm enough because it feels like freedom, I believe in the warmth even while wearing my big wool sweater to feel the sunbeams because when the
Eddying breeze swirls over the sidewalk while I’m waiting for the bus, along with paper scraps and cigarette butts it carries
Cherry blossoms, pink against the gray.

    Kelsey Breseman

    Written by Steering Committee, Tessel Project. Working on climate change.