Kelsey Breseman
Apr 2, 2017 · 1 min read

The most important factors are a) the cost of your electricity bill in an average month (not including natural gas), c) the kWh you use in an average month, and b) who your utility is. An address helps too, to get an assessment of sun availability.

If you are ~average for your home size and for MN, you are probably paying around $110 a month at a rate of $11.35/kWh. Using those assumptions, and assuming good sun on your roof, if you bought solar panels, your investment would likely pay itself off around year 9, or year 12 without the federal tax incentive.

I’m happy to get you a more accurate analysis if you want– feel free to email me at with your details & I can give you a ballpark on whether solar would be worth your time to look into.

    Kelsey Breseman

    Written by Steering Committee, Tessel Project. Working on climate change.