Proven tips to reduce healthcare software development cost

Custom software development has become obligatory for sectors to address business-specific challenges. Today, it is hard to imagine a domain that does not reside on software or any other digital product. The Healthcare sector has gone a long way right from paper-based operations to automated and computerized workflows. Technology innovation has helped this sector with simplified operations and management to a large extent.

Imagine a healthcare client is seeking for custom software, the first thing that knocks his mind would be the cost of development. Hence, it is imperious to understand various stages of the development process and solutions to cut down additional costs for the resultant software.

In this blog, we will learn what are the various ways to reduce healthcare software development costs covered with all your requirements.

Outsource App Development Work

“Since healthcare apps are made for a vast target audience, building apps on a predefined platform with Zero codes is not recommended. It’s better to go for professional developers & here are some tips to reduce the cost of developing the app.

The first one is outsourcing the app development work to professionals from other countries, preferably Ukraine, India & others. This is because the cost difference from being developed here in the US to these countries will be more than 40%. Also, these countries’ developers are renowned for their developing skills.

The second step will involve the QA teams’ involvement as early as possible. This will allow the test to be performed very frequently & thus will make its development fast with fixing upcoming bugs.

The most important tip is to launch the app with some basic features & later on upgrade them with the new requirements. This step will always keep the app improving with the actual demand. This is because in the initial stage of development nobody is sure about the effectiveness of features & upon release, some features turn out to be of no use leading to waste of time & money in developing them. Thus upon launching them with basic features, they can be upgraded with the other requirements later on, which will save the initial cost.”

- Miranda Yan, Co-Founder of VinPit

“Whether to do things in-house or outsource may be a difficult decision. Getting an in-house software development team may be quite expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, outsourcing may be a fantastic and cost-effective method to save money. When a customer wants unique software development, outsourcing is the best option. Several fantastic organizations and companies out there cater to individualized needs and develop software to meet them.

This suggestion, too, requires investigation. You must select a dependable, legitimate, and effective firm, as well as tech-savvy and inexpensive. Your reading glasses and a few gigabytes of the internet may readily assist you in locating your ideal outsourcing firm. Remember, extremely low-cost organizations may provide poor-quality services; thus, make your selection cautiously and effectively.”

- Becky Ronalds, Owner at Ranking Mom

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“Through offshore development, a company can provide specific tasks to developers in another country, such as India. The majority of them can complete projects just as fast as US developers but for a fraction of the cost. There are many websites on which any business can hire an offshore developer. The key is to check out the background and track record of a developer before paying any money. If the offshore developer has a solid track record, then your healthcare company should rest assured that the project is in safe hands.”

- James Walsh from James Walsh Official

Run App on the Cloud

“We were given the opportunity to build a telemedicine platform for the largest pediatric urgent care provider in the state of Texas, Urgent Care for Kids. They came to us with a problem — well, a few problems. With the system they had, receiving information from providers was difficult, school nurses had to perform excessive data entry, and appointments were not the slightest bit efficient. The issue was that the system relied on third-party tools, and to make matters worse, those tools were growing increasingly expensive.

There was really only one solution that could fix all of these problems in a cost-effective manner; they needed an entirely new platform, one that runs on the cloud. So, we decided to take advantage of Amazon’s cloud platform, AWS. Today, Urgent Care for Kids’ software, Pond, is flexible, scalable, and can easily be updated. However, the biggest advantage of this new cloud-based system is the savings it has provided. AWS bills for usage, and until you reach a certain level of traffic, it doesn’t cost anything. In fact, schools don’t pay a cent for the new app.

While the upfront cost of building a new software system may seem high, it’s usually worth it. There’s a small price to pay in order to transition from third-party tools to the cloud, but you save immensely in the long run.”

- Ryan Vice, Co-founder and CEO of Vice Software

Research before choosing an Agency

“A few sticky notes and hours of study before deciding on a software development source may be useful in a variety of ways, so say goodbye to your laziness and do as much research as you can during the first phase. Look for agencies and businesses that can help you with your requirements and demands. This will save you a few bucks as well as the time and effort of looking for a new agency. As a result, it’s critical to think about a few things before hiring an outsourcing team.

You should investigate the software development agency’s flexibility, set fees, service delivery, collaboration with your team, and other elements that will influence a good dialogue. By now, I hope you’ve realized that saving money on software development requires a few methods and, well, a lot of studies! There must be no hidden additional expenses or overheads in reputable development business. They should have skilled technical personnel who can minimize the need for rework and achieve deadlines quickly.

The quality of service and communication are the most important factors to consider when choosing a software development company. Before you begin the procedure, you should be aware of the agency’s advantages, disadvantages, working speed, costs, and any other important information. This will eliminate any potential misunderstandings, saving you money in the process. Isn’t it a good deal? But only a little research.”

Ansh Gupta, Founder of Empire Crafter

Effective communication

“Last-minute overheads and expenditures are one of the main causes for excessively expensive software development charges. They are unmistakably the outcome of a breakdown in communication between the customer and the agency. To prevent this from happening, they must have open and honest communication about the fixed costs. Because you will be in constant contact with the agency and they will satisfy your software requirements, effective communication will also result in lower costs. This is a healthy technique with several advantages. It will also promote a healthier environment while also saving money! It appears to be a good value.”

- Alex Claro, VPN Analyst at CreditDonkey

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Utilize existing solutions

“When it comes to software development, there are numerous pre-built features to choose from. You may develop software using pre-built templates because many of them can be readily modified. These can help you save money while keeping your software development on track and stable. Since our major goal was to reduce our software development costs while maintaining service quality, utilizing every existing solution and feature available for a fraction of the cost may be positive!”

- Hamza Ghayas, Marketing Manager at GSDLovers

Adoption of AI-based Solutions in Healthcare

“The average waste per person in the top 15 nations is 10–15 times more than the average amount spent on healthcare in the lowest 50 countries, which is now approximately $120 per person. Even more alarming is the fact that the underlying causes of this waste include preventable and correctable system inefficiencies including care delivery failures, over-treatment, and inappropriate care delivery. Artificial intelligence (AI) can aid in the reduction of inefficiencies, resulting in far more efficient and cost-effective health ecosystems. There is significant evidence that AI can assist control healthcare costs in a variety of ways, including,

- AI facilitates clinical decision-making and guarantees that the appropriate therapies and treatments are tailored to each patient, resulting in a more individualized approach to care. The immediate result will be a considerable increase in outcomes, resulting in the elimination of expenses associated with post-treatment problems — one of the major cost drivers in most healthcare ecosystems throughout the globe.

- AI-enabled devices can execute repetitive, basic activities more correctly, like CT scan interpretation and certain tests, minimizing physician error and enabling early diagnosis and action before situations become severe.

- AI has the potential to speed up the creation of life-saving medications, saving billions of dollars in expenses that may be passed on to healthcare systems.

- Artificial intelligence has the ability to genuinely empower us as people to make better health decisions. Wearable technology is already being used by a large number of individuals all over the globe to capture routine data such as sleep patterns and heart rate. Using machine learning to analyze this data might alert people who are at risk of developing certain diseases long before they become serious.”

- Burak Ozdemir, Founder and Developer at Online Alarm Clock

Use Agile Software Development Approach

“You will save money because the possibilities of reworking will be reduced or eliminated. The agile strategy encourages the client to communicate with the agency and have all stakeholders approve the work on time. This will be advantageous since it will minimize the burden near the end, there will be fewer software complaints and modifications, and it will encourage good communication between the firm and its clients. This method assures that all modifications are made throughout the process, reducing the likelihood of redo. Unlike the waterfall technique, it will also help you accomplish your goals while lowering your costs.”

- Bram Jansen, Chief Editor of vpnAlert


It is definitely not simple for the healthcare industry to survive in this highly competitive market without being exceptional. Companies choose bespoke software development because they can’t envision running a firm without software or applications. As a result, it’s critical to comprehend healthcare software development and cost-cutting strategies. This is what we’ve learned about in this blog.

Originally published at on February 9, 2022.




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iFour Technolab, a leading IT service provider in India with sustainable and personalized IT solutions globally. Visit

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