IFQIndia Introduces Courses for Six Sigma Certification

With a rise in the cost of service delivery in IT organizations, it becomes very important for the management to find out a solution to have a control over the cost without affecting the quality of service. IT firms alone contribute more than 20% to the total GDP of India. Therefore it becomes very important for the decision makers to act on time to control the situation.

Looking into the problem, IFQIndia has launched a six sigma yellow belt certification in Pune for the individuals who want to learn how to address the issue. This certification is not merely a certification that gets added on to your resume. Rather it’s a practical approach to understand the wastages that happen in a process and learn to deal with these wastages in the service delivery by reducing the defects, reducing the turnaround time for each task and improve the overall profit by reducing the cost of service delivery.

This certification is especially for the youngsters who have the industry knowledge, however, want to climb up the stairs by proving themselves valuable for an organization by improving their ongoing processes. This helps in enhancing their career as well as seek better opportunities in their own company.

Six sigma yellow belt certification is a 2 day fundamental program which is recommended mostly for a fresher in the industry. The methodology of the program includes classroom coaching, group discussions, sharing of experiences by the industry experts, going through various case studies and finding out the solution for problems together, use of tools and techniques to resolve a problem and finally an examination. Post this certification, an individual becomes eligible to join a six sigma team and ready to appear for theGreen beltcertification, which is the next level certification after theyellow belt.

Along with six sigma certification, one can also go for a one day lean six sigma certification. The lean six sigma certification helps in broadening the scope and aids in understanding the overview of processes in various domains. One gets a chance to know various lean tools that help in identifying the various types of wastes, making a product flow into a value addition process, As is task mapping and To be task suggestions, practicing the principles of Kaizen, setting up the monitoring parameters to monitor the processes.

Along with lean tools, team work tools are also a part of the course that helps in learning strategies for building and maintaining a team, learn the characteristics of a powerful team, understand the importance of team workgroups, bring in the courage to accept challenges and stretch yourself beyond the boundaries of comfort to do a value addition in the process delivery, learn how to break a problem into smaller fragments to understand it in a better way and find a logical solution for the problem.

So, if you want to improve out processes in your company or want to join a six sigma team in your organization, enroll yourself for the certifications today.

About the Institute

IFQIndia also known as the Institute of Fundamentals in Quality is one of the reputed Institutes in Pune which specializes in awarding six sigma certifications. It has trained more than 500 students till now and most of them are working today in improving the process delivery across the various domains of the Industry.

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