The Interested Challenge

Reading the book “How to win friends and Influence people” by Dale Carnegie was an enlightening experience. It showed that even the most basic and minute things like a subtle nuance of your tone indicating happiness, can form an impression over people you’re interacting with. I learned that often we tend to ignore the most basic of things, deeming them insignificant when it comes to human interactions. However, these things accumulate to form your impression over the other person. So, trying to be genuinely delighted when you make acquaintance with someone might not seem like such a huge deal, but in reality, it might make or break a potential partnership.

Using all these bits of knowledge in my practical life, quite frankly, shocked me a bit. Whenever I had a conversation with my colleagues, friends or my aunt or uncle, I made sure to keep these points in my mind. I tried to be genuinely interested, made a point to make them feel special and used less “I” and more “You”. It turned out, people aren’t so close or off-limits as they might seem. If you are excited about their story, they’re excited to tell it to you. Simple!

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