Happiness is making new friends by becoming genuinely interested in them.

I used to be astonished about some people that how they are so social and how they have so many friends and also have such a pleasuring personality that everyone is influenced with their personality….It would not be wrong, if I’ll write here my deficiency that I always find it difficult to make new friends and always wanted to be from those most wanted people who are blessed with a very great circle of friends.

To get rid from my this trait,I used to study different books and materials like THE SECRET OF LAW OF ATTRACTION; INTROVERT’S GUIDE FOR MAKING FRIENDS and various other books just to know one trick that how to make others to listen you and how to have people who stand by you when you need them. After reading this book ,“How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie”. I really got all the answers of my confusions and I came to know this fact that if I want to be listened than I must be a good listener firstly and if I want to develop real friendships then I have to help others at the same time as I’ll help myself. So, from now to onwards I would apply this lesson in my life to overcame my this deficiency. The art of making friends;how to be interested in them and understanding their core values are well elaborated concepts in this book.I became amazed after reading that U.S Company Survey that is conducted over phone in which the personal pronoun “I” is used 3900 times in just 500 calls. Wow! that is something amazing. But this gave me a feeling of highly individualistic approach of that society. One very nice take away that I have learnt from this book is the saying of ALFRED ADLER,“we ourselves injure the spirits of our fellow men”.So comprehensively he had talked about the humanity and the way in which THURSTON’S Success Story is discussed is very impressive that how he had covered the path from being a hobo to a successful magician and how greatly he understood the value of the audience and their spiritual psychology. He understood the fact that It is the audience who makes a star.I learnt the art of being interested from reading this book that has influenced my thought process in a great way.

For the activity challenge I called my many old friends and cousins. After all the perfunctory greetings,I used to end up by asking a questions to them. I called my hostalized dearie friend KOMAL and ask her what did you do this past weekend, any plans for next weekend and so on .I called my college friends to ask about their goals and dimensions and other cousins too.They all were very happy that I have called them. This activity is a great task for all individualistic personalities and I realized that good conversations never waste time so thank you AMAL TEAM for giving this task.