Happy learning! Do anyone find this Italicized Statement a little bit different from your extrasensory perception….Think about it☺

I want to make it a bit more personalized by sharing my preceptions along with my all pragmatic experiences. As, being a patient of dyslexic disorder, I used to hate studies and never thought to have a degree of m.phils in my field…

But this becomes possible by facing my fear of learning .

Although, we all are afraid of challenges …Well, we all have to face them when we learn new things. As I am not natural in the interpretation of the critical context…So, when I had to remember the new things, the plaintive sittings used to stimulate my procrastinating behaviour and I got stressed by surrounding with piles of work. Hence, I got easily trapped with distractions.

I started to follow this rule in my life that practice would bring permanence…

These are the challenges that had given me a very toughtime… But with doing some courses and learning how to learn make it easier for me to handle these things.

Some are the most important takeaways from these courses that I can use in order to overcome or reduce the challenges that I’ve faced, are understanding the nuances of diffused and focused learning modes.By using eat a frog first and pomodoro techniques, I have reduced the fear of being stressed that bolsters my learning habits which innervates my interests and determination with tasks.

So, my working strategies are the takeaways from all these courses that I am applying in my life and these take aways are;

Famous Amal Principal Kam,Kam aur Kam

Others are as follows,

Pomodoro techniques; eating frogs first; chunking the text; juggling in work and life by making my lists in planning journals; Tackling procrastination for becoming a life long learner and following my rule of life that practice makes permanence along obeying God with great humility and gratitude to Him for my every stroke….