It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

Excellent article, but there are a a couple of points I disagree with.

  1. I think saying “lets talk logic and keep emotions out of it” is maybe being insensitive in general, and its not *always* the best discussion tactic (though often it is), but despite what you said I think its not about race. I can imagine saying the same to people I most respect or to peers at work or to family members, ie. its not a “white telling black how to act” thing, its a “I think this is most productive, lets not waste time” thing.
  2. I don’t think the vegan ad had any racist meaning to the vegan mind. In Israel vegans often compare animal suffering to the Holocaust, causing cries of outrage and calls of antisemitism. These Israeli Vegans are Jews, often of Holocaust survivals descent themselves, so they have no meaning whatsoever to downgrade the Holocaust. I think the vegans sole point of view is attempt to uplift the suffering of the animal, not downgrade the human suffering.
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