Advantages and Disadvantages of City WiFi

We live in a fast pace world, we need speed in everything. At one time you need to manage your job, your home, your family and your friends as well which is quite a tough job to do. You may have lots of plans in your life but you are not able to manage time for them but if you have access to internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that can actually create a difference for you. Let’s take an example that you are travelling abroad and wherever you go, you have internet access on your smart phone or on your laptop, and you can be connected easily to your office and to your family as well. That indeed sounds helpful. This is the reason that many of the developed cities round the world have given the facility of Free City Wi-Fi. 
 As a matter of fact, every technology has its positive and negative aspects. Let’s just take a view of those.

As mentioned above, having Free City Wi-Fi can get you connected anywhere anytime. You can attend an online meeting as well and at the very same time you can stay in touch with your friends and family as well. Following can be the advantages of having free Wi-Fi You can go through your important emails and your important messages at any point just to stay in touch with your friends and family and that surely gives a piece of mind.

If you have to attend an important business meeting and you are out of station, all you need to do is to turn on your Wi-Fi and start an online conference that clearly shows that it’s really good for business purposes. There is no doubt about the fact that your 24/7 availability can be very helpful and can make your life easy but as we always say around that “One must see the both sides of a picture” so just take a view of the disadvantages of a Free City Wi-Fi.

As mentioned above, most of the big cities of the world are providing Free Wi-Fi to facilitate people but here are some negative aspects of that as well.

Many owners of small businesses like take away shops or coffee points have to set up a separate system for their clients that includes a lot of technical work and investment as well and time to time check and balance of the server is also needed that becomes difficult for small business owners.

At many places government has set up Free Wi-Fi facility for the people but again it is extremely costly and just to cover that amount, government has to increase the tax and again that means the Wi-Fi is not free at all. 
 One of the major issue is the privacy concern. As all the city will be connected to one server and you are using any unprotected laptop or smartphone, you can be a victim of professional hackers. They can get into your personal stuff and can mess up with your things and can create problems for you.

Keeping the concentration on the positive side, we can try to solve the problems that we are facing so that we can make this networking even more helpful for our use.

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