Take Care of Your Fiber Optic Cables

If you are a Fiber Optic user you got to take care of necessary steps to maintain the efficiency of the cable.

First of all you need to use Splicing tools just to produce a continuous connection between the cables to very little light is lost.

Splicing tools are used to mold optical fibers together. There are several types of Splicing tools Fusion Splice, Optic Splice, Heat Oven, Fiber Splice Protection and many others. And there are two types of splicing the first one is fusion splicing and mechanical splicing.

Then you need to use Fiber inspection tools. They are used in the production and troubleshooting of fiber optics. Just like any other units, the optic fibers develop problems and you have to identify the problems for the units to continue working effectively. There are many aspects of the cable that you can test. You can test the amount of power that the cable is transmitting, breakages in the cable and any other aspect that you may be interested in.

There are many testing tools that you can use. You can use: faulty locator, optical identifier, optic power meter, and optical time domain reflectometer. For you to get ideal results when testing the optic cable you should use the right tool for the test that you are interested in. Different testing tools require different testing procedures; therefore, you should understand how to test them effectively for you to get ideal results.

For the optic cable to transmit light effectively it should be free of dirt, oil, dust and other contaminants. The main areas that need cleaning are connectors and ferrules. When cleaning, avoid touching the cable with your naked hands. This is to avoid contaminating the cables. You should also reduce the chances of damaging the cable ends. Best products to clean these areas are alcohol and wipes. You should be careful when cleaning and ensure that you don’t damage the cables in the process.

These are the different types of optic cable tools that you need. Always ensure that you use the right tool for the right work.

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