Adscanyon — Reshaping Pakistan Outdoor Advertising Industry

In 21st century you will be wondered to know that a big part of real estate is missing from the web. Actually Adscanyon has brought the missing part of entire real estate market to the web. According to statistics this part owns an industry of $19 Billion an year. I’m talking about billboards or any outdoor advertising space which is part of the real estate. But there is no website or app for outdoor ads which allows you to buy, sell, rent like you do for apartment, homes and any other real estate property. Adscanyon is bridging this gap in pakistan outdoor advertising industry.


Adscanyon allows you to easily search available ad space directly from owners. Now you can find every type of ad space on one forum. Moreover adscanyon is playing a key role to break the monopoly of big players by connecting space owners to buyers directly.

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