Four Rules for Creating Memorable Content

1) Content is for your reader

2) Your reader wants to know about you, not your marketing campaign

3) Content should reflect you as the writer as well as the business you are writing for

4) Don’t be invisible

I like lists, I like to be organized, which is one of the reasons why I chased after a degree in library science. I also like good writing and bad writing really gets under my skin. Some of the worst writing comes from traditional marketing copy. Content Marketing or Inbound Marketing is a step in the right direction, this approach attempts to create interesting writing. This content, however, often defaults to a presentation where the narrator is invisible or hiding behind the ‘brand’.

When creating content for an awareness campaign, don’t hide behind the text. Masking your personality as a writer behind a brand makes the reader uncomfortable. The reader wants to know the narrator. You have a place in the text, just like you have a place in the business you are creating content for. Write from a place that tells the reader who you are and how you fit into the culture of the business the content represents. A relationship with the narrator creates a more comfortable experience for the reader. A comfortable reader is one that will remember and recommend your content.