Why we decided to start Bluekiri

A lot of people ask, why Bluekiri? My quick reply to the question is simple: “Bluekiri is the answer to Logitravel Group technological needs.”

This is the real world, so we are playing hard to follow all new technological trends and to have the knowledge required to effectively respond to new challenges in the highly competitive business of travel agencies.

This is how Bluekiri was born. We have the team, we have the knowledge and we have the technology.

The best example is our Enterprise Cloud which offers a design totally adapted to our needs. In such an aggressive environment, we offer a solution based on 5 main pillars defined as PRASS:

  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Scalability
  • Security
Bluekiri Enterprise Cloud, based on PRASS

A code does not live in isolation. We perfectly know it. Once it is deployed to production, the system needs to fulfil the expected level of performance.

It needs to be reliable, available based on the SLA (Service Level Agreement) and scale if needed.

It does not matter how good a program is in terms of UI or features, it is useless, if it is too slow and it lacks availability when the user needs it.

Performance, Reliability, Availability, Scalability, and Security (PRASS) are all run-time quality attributes that need to be carefully designed and implemented in order to make a system usable.

Any component, small or large, can impact the behaviour of a system directly or indirectly by its effect on other components.

We have designed an Active-Active architecture to ensure optimal performance based on a dedicated infrastructure which is deployed in centralised and interconnected carrier neutral Data Centres.

This solution provides a total high availability production environment.

Bluekiri Enterprise Cloud is on a long-term journey to build a relevant, and an enhanced Enterprise Cloud. This one goal presents engineering challenges that demand the most from its development platform.

So, while Bluekiri has been steadily climbing into the top tech teams within the travel sector, we have also been innovating in the construction, deployment and management of our Cloud platform.

What we’ve discovered: rapid innovations in availability features and performance are only possible through innovation in the software platform and the developer experience.

Then our thought is,

Why don’t we make it available for other companies with the same needs?

There is not a better service such as the one you create thinking on your own business. Others can do it better than yourself, but no one will manage it better than you and overall no one will take more care than you do.

Together with different teams of top awesome engineers working under the DevOps culture, we are committed to ensure work is being carried out to guarantee the ongoing improvement of such services in order to fulfil the expectations of our clients at all times.

These are Bluekiri bases, and on the same premises, we also develop other kind of services:

  • Application performance: greater up-time and reliability, as well as increased capacity. In addition to efficient burst capability.
  • Availability response time: Improving user’s interaction with your production systems.
  • Infrastructure management: How to manage infrastructure in a customer driven world.
  • Monitoring: Digital performance monitoring and Cloud cost management.
  • Smart Data: Models and strategies with our resource-oriented architecture.

Hope you can enjoy what we build.