Introducing IF When Then’s CTO — Sumanth Molakala

The IF family is growing rapidly, having 80 communities from the CEE region on board for only 3 months of work and a small team. Motivated from the positive responses we got from our ecosystem partners, last month we were on a mission to strengthen core roles in the IF family. To keep with this pace of work, we now needed a technology co-founder (CTO) to architect our platform from the ground up.

Our decision to use the EOS Blockchain to enhance our competitive search ranking and platform business model is based on the technologies ability to provide radical transparency and trust in the global non formal education ecosystem.

And, this required us to search for a world-class CTO with a proven expertise in product development, platform architecture and international leadership skills. It was also important to us that we find someone that could not only execute our vision but was able to communicate the its purpose to a global audience.

As we were talking with quite a few developers around the world, we had many excellent candidates to join our team, and we sure had a challenging decision to choose only THE ONE.

Today, we are very proud to welcome and announce that Sumanth Molakala is our new CTO and part of our strategy team in IF.

With over 20+ years of experience in software, design and architecture, he has had the opportunity to build products and platforms for Startups and Fortune 100 companies in various industry verticals. Sumanth is a hands-on technology developer/architect and, in the last 10 years, he has been leading development teams of various sizes to solve business problems by successfully gathering the requirements, building (process, domain, data & object) models, developing technical specifications and architecting & rolling out end-to-end solutions (based on volume/usage needs) utilizing software stack with CI/CD. Most notably, he was the vice-president of ECM platform architecture at State Street, a fortune 500 company. Sumanth is now setting his path towards building the IF platform to provide new employment options for graduates in the non formal education ecosystem from all over the world.

We are happy to be working on the same journey. Together.

Sumanth has a deep expertise developing the architecture of world-class products at Fortune 100 companies and startups in the United Sates. He also has proven international leadership skills which ensures us that he will successfully manage the technical inception of IF. He’s a great speaker and writer who shares our vision to increase trust and employment outcomes in he non formal education ecosystem. Having the chance to together build the IF platform, by using the EOS blockchain, is a great privilege and has been an extremely productive experience already.” — says the founder of IF When Then, Adam Dorfman.

Students are going to University to get a job, but are learning the wrong skills.

As new technology is rapidly changing the job marketplace, there has been a 13% decline in higher education enrollment in the United States, which is very significant. This is because as recent survey has shown, more than 66% of higher education students think they are learning the wrong skills.

Sumanth will ignite the BETA version that will be tested by more than 80 leading and emerging communities

As we are preparing our first BETA version with Sumanth, it’s evident that students are looking for new pathways to high paying jobs and our partners recognize this. These communities will have the chance to be the first to use the competitive search ranking to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and create new global employment outcomes in high valued sectors for their students.

You can always learn about our platform here.

“I am thrilled to start working on the platform. The non formal education ecosystem is extremely fragmented and there’s not enough trust and transparency. The potential for using the EOS Blockchain to enhance a competitive search ranking system extremely excites me. I believe our platform business model has a great purpose and an economic model that can be scaled globally” — says Sumanth Molakala the new CTO of IF When Then.

Along with Sumanth, a solid team of senior developers and advisors are scoping requirements to deliver a beta version over the next months.

Feel like this is something you would like to see happening?

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