CNA assignment week 3

Update: Public school accreditation results released

The Virginia Department of Education put out there accreditation ratings, and it looking really good for Lynchburg schools. Last year, 5 of Lynchburg’s city schools were accredited, but this year it was bumped up to 7 schools. All of the teachers and students are extremely excited about the news of accreditation.

Lynchburg man dies after Bedford County crash

A 25 year old man named John Stephen Leotti died in a car accident in Bedford County this past Wednesday. He was hit by another car at an intersection, which then caused him to pass through someones yard and to collide with a house located near the accident. He was admitted to Lynchburg General Hospital and he died there later that morning.

Updated: Lynn Dodge, longtime city librarian, dies

Lynn Dodge worked at the Lynchburg Public Library for 40 years. She was a wonderful and kind woman who loved the city of Lynchburg and the people in it. She retired in 2013 and sadly, passed away on Tuesday, September 12th, 2017, at age 71.

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