CNA week 8 political news

Donald Trump reacts and a crisis is born

President Trumps attitude has caused a problem for the White House regarding ISIS and the killing of U.S. troops. Rather than trying to fix the issue, Trump was trying to say that he was better at handling matters of families suffering from loss due to war, than Obama and Bush. It is believed that the way he reacts to different situations and his outspokenness is going to get him into trouble and cause him to have a very rocky presidency.

Appeals court halts ruling allowing illegal immigrant teen to get abortion

A 17-year old girl, who is an illegal immigrant, came to the U.S. pregnant and is being held in Texas. A judge tried to get her to an abortion clinic immediately, but that action was appealed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. She was counseled by a doctor Thursday morning about the procedure, but HHS came to the final decision that she was not allowed to have an abortion in the U.S.

George W. Bush demonstrates the problem with trying to criticize Trump while winning over his voters

George W. Bush spoke in New York on Thursday essentially saying that America is too focused on the negative and hate, rather than the positive, and seeing the good in others. Bush had kind of stepped away from political issues since he left office, but recent events and Trumps presidency has changed that for him. He believes that America forget what is what founded on and that America can do better than what is happening right now with our nation and President.