CNA week 9

Astros beat Dodgers 7–6 in 11 innings off Springer home run

George Springer, of the Houston Astros, hit a two home-runner in the 11th inning, and it was enough to cause them to beat the LA Dodgers in game 2 last night. This was the first time that the Astros actually won a world series game for the first time ever. It is very exciting for the Astros, and they are looking forward to see what else could happen for them.

Nets overcome LeBron’s triple-double, stun Cavs 112–107

Spencer Dinwiddie led the Nets to a 112–107 win over the Cavs by shooting a three pointer in the last 43 seconds of the game on Wednesday Night. The Nets were able to overcome Lebron James’s first triple-double of the 2017 NBA season and his 56th one ever, with this win. Lebron had been playing incredibly well in that he had 29 points, 10 assists, and 13 rebounds, but he obviously didn’t play just well enough.

Panthers’ Cam Newton abruptly ends news conference

Cam Newton, quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, ended a news conference on Wednesday after being asked about the teams offense abilities and if he believes they can be consistent or not. Directly after the question was asked, Cam rolled his eyes, and then walked away a few seconds later, and answered some others questions before he left. The Panthers, of course, defended Cams actions, but the media still isn’t a big fan of Cams attitude.

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