Hello Upwork. Good bye Upwork

Running ahead of the story, I have to say that this article was NOT conceived to teach fraud. The main idea of ​​this article is to show the Upwork customer support their terrible level of client orientation and to warn all freelancers from FULL dependence on Upwork!

All names in this story are invented

Chapter 1 — Do not be dependent

Most likely, if you are reading this article, you are part of the Upwork community or intend to become the one.

Hello, freelancer.

This article will be different from those I’ve already read when I faced the Upwork customer support injustice.

Do you know how many hours it takes to win good reputation on Upwork or on any other freelance platform? To receive the first project, it may take more than one month, and most likely, your reward for your first… second… and maybe even third project will be tiny, because first, you will work for your reputation. So, here you get your long awaited third review, and you are rewarded with a “rising talent” badge. !!HOORAY!! Now your bids are considered more carefully, you have more interviews, and you are confidently treading the way to your TOP RATED status when you don’t ask for work, but the employer offers it to you.

This process may last more than a year. The number of regular customers increases, there are more and more jobs, and in case you are the same purposeful person like me, you start to scale your business: hire employees, look for an office, purchase equipment for your employees, … and so on!

But one day, after you have come to your working place, you find an email from Upwork, saying your account has been suspended. WTF??? You start writing customer support… There is a sequence of phone calls to identify you, requests to provide various proofs and stuff like that… But they can’t answer the single and main question: what is the reason for blocking my account?… according to their internal rules… Next day, they send another email, saying that your account is suspended PERMANENTLY!!!! And it doesn’t matter you’ve asked them a lot of questions and didn’t get answers. You are BANNED — Upwork decided so, and all your subsequent queries (believe me, I’ve been bothering them for a month) will be answered by sending you boilerplate letters! And yes… They will also block you in the community, not to wash their dirty linen in public! Oh, that’s not all! The money you had on your account is not possible to withdraw! I’ve been asking, honestly! What do you think was the answer? Another boilerplate letter.

And now, you are not at home and not alone, but in the office you have to pay a rent for, with two programmers, to whom you have to pay their wages… And Upwork keeps the money which was intended for it and doesn’t tell you about its future fate. Thanks to Rajesh from the customer support for sealing my fate by sending 8 letter templates, informing me that my account is permanently suspended.

Chapter 2 — Harm set, harm get, Upwork. Your security is as useless as the customer support service.

First of all, I want to thank to all our regular customers we are having a trusting relationship with. They left Upwork together with my agency, and now, we are working without an intermediary.

Do you know that Upwork provides you with only one chance? If you are banned, you have no right to create a new account! One person — one account. The net contains a lot of data about how Upwork carefully tracks those users who are trying to create a second account while the first account is suspended. It’s a lie.

Now I’ll tell you how Upwork UNPROFESSIONALLY checks such accounts… By the way, I’ve got 6 of them!

I repeat once more that the main purpose of this article is not to train scammers, but to show Upwork their horrible gaps in their support and security system. All the information, I’ve used in this article, I checked, using my accounts during a year, and as a result, I’ve got 3 blocked accounts and 6 working ones, and most of them have passed the Upwork identity check.

1) I’m more than sure that Upwork leaves its traces on our computers. So, I allocated a separate computer where I installed the necessary number of virtual machines and tied up a separate VPN to each! On each of the machines, a character for Upwork was invented, each of which registered from different computers and had its own IP address… This way Upwork was thinking…

2) Picture. And what if Upwork’s AI compares faces in pictures in the freelancers’ profiles and this way identifies duplicate accounts? Upwork, have you heard of applications for changing faces? They make you fat or skinny, attach glasses or a beard to your picture, or even make your face younger or older. But what will you do when at any time you’ll receive a Skype call to verify your identity? Do you think a respected Rajesh from the customer support will see through my 480p webcam well enough to understand the picture in my profile is altered? Believe me, he will not see! And your AI will not see it either!

3) Checking the ID card and requesting a paid bill for the Internet services… Upwork, are you serious????? In every other film, we are told about fake ID cards, and you want to check them using the webcam??? There are about 20 platforms who openly offer their services in this area.

These are just three gaps in the Upwork security system! You may ask me a reasonable question — why do I need 6 accounts? Why do I cheat Upwork? It was a forced step. In the case of suspending another account again without investigations and in an unfair manner, I will always have several more accounts with a history!

Upwork, you MUST upgrade your security system and completely change your approach to the customer support service.