Looks cool, but you pretty much underestimate Canvas performance… I’m sure that OpenGL is an…
Dmytro Saviuk

Before the implementation of this animation using OpenGL, I’ve researched this issue and created a small demo app to make sure I was right in my decision. In fact when using OpenGL I need to create the textures (text, gradient and photo) and bind it only once. Further I only use the targets in the fragment shader to draw the circle. And it looks great on all devices (not only on my Nexus ;)) On the other hand, when I draw circles on Canvas, it’s necessary to draw all stuff over and over again when onDraw() method is called. And in this case animation lags significantly. So the decision depends on what is really “enough”. 
But if you know how to better optimize the drawing on Canvas, I’d be glad to discuss it, since it’s not always enough time to implement the animation with OpenGL, but it always should work perfectly.

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