Game Killer
Dec 15, 2017 · 1 min read

The download Game Killer APK is an android application that modifies coins, gems, etc. in Android games by changing the memory of the Games. The reason this application is called Game Killer is unknown. However, this application is not used to kill games.

​Game Killer the first program of this kind (the third one), to see hackers of games for android trying to create a bunch of spare “tracks”.
Searches fast, however, as well as all android hack program. But in terms of hacking “strong” games of heroic qualities did not show (PewPew2 is not hacked) ..

Of the possibilities:
1. Call with an icon that you can drag
2. You can pause the game
3. You can choose between open applications (which one you want to crack)
4. Search for values ​​with the sign “-”
5. offline instructions and help
6. any search settings
7. Search by value type (4 bytes, 2 bytes, 1 byte, floating)

We need root rights !!!
For the official version:
1. Erase the data of the Game Killer application
2. We go in Lucky Patcher and click on Game Killer
3. Press the menu of patches
4. Click the custom patch
5. Download
6. We are glad of the full version