From it I learnt a time-tested virtue in communications

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In a women’s forum I attended years ago the Facilitator, a Nutritionist, advised mothers against feeding children a particular food which had become popular in Nigerian homes. She noted that the spice could be poisonous to children and it contained no nutrients.

A google search confirmed that instant noodles are not the best choice as a staple in diet. But this food remains popular because of their addictively good taste, speedy preparation time and another reason that not so many recognize.

Indomie is a brand of instant noodle produced by Indonesian company popularly known as Indofood. …

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On our way to the market last week, my Assistant unburdened an experience about his family. He talked about how his Mother keeps saying his Father (whom died almost 3 years ago) had wasted 22 whole years of her life. Emphasis was on WHOLE.

I listened, then finally butt in __ “wait, but those years couldn’t have been ‘whole’ after all because you took part of them away yourself.” He turned, looked at me inquisitively, then burst out laughing. “Yes Ma, that is correct!”

I succeeded in soothing his pain about his mother’s words but within I could honestly relate…

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If there ever was a person who understood systematic abuse of language it would be George Orwell.

Orwell is the author of the phenomenal novel Animal farm. He created the character who said ‘some animals are more equal than others’. This is one of the most fascinating quotes I learned as a literature student.

Yet, Orwell was credited with the another quote with an interesting allegory:

“The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. …

How I learnt the real meaning of longevity

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Tonia and I have talked about a ladies’ trip ever since our first pregnancies in 2005. Out of our bucket list we narrowed down to Malta or Mexico. We settled for Malta. It was going to be a group of 7 ladies camped in Corinthia Hotel in Saint Julian Island of Malta. We would see the Blue Lagoon , visit iconic locations of Game of thrones series like the Red Keep and the walled city of Mdina location for scenes of King’s Landing. …

Honesty still is the best policy

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Business brand, community campaign or personal circle, we all have to think about how we communicate the pandemic to our audience. There has been such a deluge of covid-19 information over the past few months that it might be hard to stay positive.

But it’s possible.

You may have thought about how your messaging is influencing behaviour change in your setup but not given much thought about its impact in the future. Here are some tips I find helpful for communicating the pandemic in my social impact campaigns.

1. Respond with speed

There is no vacuum in communication. The advent…

Covid-19 is not a war to win without it

Photo: Ndubuisi at the South London Graduate University in 1980

This is a time when health care workers are valued most for the work they do, for being the heroes they’ve always been. I know one health service worker, phenomenal in his sense of duty.

Oh! I meant to say I knew him.

He was a passionate community organizer, a teacher and storyteller. I’ll tell you about Dr Ndubuisi Adikema. He took ill and passed away in the wake of the covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China. No, he did not die of the disease.

He didn’t get to see or even hear about the pandemic while he prepared to join…

Drive, trek or move out!

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Cities that inhabit 10 million or more inhabitants are described as mega cities. The largest of them are Tokyo in Japan, Jakarta in Indonesia, Delhi in India, Seoul in South Korea and Shanghai, China.

As the novel corona virus (2019-nCov) poses a major test of China’s capability to govern large cities, I’m concerned about Africa’s most populous city and its capacity to manage its aspired mega city status on which the city prides itself.

Cities are powerful engines that bring people together and help meet individual and collective needs. …

It’s a classroom not a pedestal

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We need more passionate people in the world that will drive social change. Selflessly.

I keep this in mind as I approach this topic with caution as it’s a no-brainer that people get easily put off the idea of participating in non-profit causes. But watching the aggrandisement of NGO (non-profit organization) founders that hardly corresponds with society’s solutions, gives me a moral obligation to write about this.

I accepted the LinkedIn request of a recent graduate who described his ideal job in a post as one which offers him independence to make money, gain social recognition and gives him the…

Village memories of a grieving daughter

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Every school resumption week the shopping goes full swing for my children in boarding school. My twelve-year-old daughter accompanied me to Yaba, a bustling open market in Lagos, Nigeria. This shopping experience was part of her induction to the pre-African woman life.

After most of the shopping had been done we made our way to the car park, meandering through roadside hawkers and wares laid out on sidewalk. It was a somewhat snaky movement. With two big shopping bags in each hand, I managed to get past pedestrians in both directions. …

A Fable’s Lesson for the New Year

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The greatest gaffe of my life happened seventeen years ago, yet I remember it like yesterday. Every time it replays in my head, I literally want to escape to where I will have no memory of it. This event which I still consider a most embarrassing day happened at a wedding ceremony. Incidentally, the the story in this post also took place in a wedding setting. There must be something about weddings and regrets.

I tracked the legend of the historic fart back to the classic Arabian book, ‘one thousand and one nights’. I wanted to…

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