21–10–15 :

A huge throwback to our first wet-lab training on last Friday, every member that is interested in it was welcome to join. Our first training was actually a brief introduction for our experiment this week so we discussed about the procedure, skills and E.coli needed. FYI, our first experiment training is abstraction & purification of Plasmid.

Watching a video about competent cell preparation

As for today, we had our meeting as usual but the extraordinary thing was the goods that we ordered arrived todayyyyyyyyyy ! :D

tadaaaaa ~ so praaattayyyyyy ❤ p/s : exclude the pens

Back to real business, we learnt to do weekly report and product management all over again so that improvement can be made. Most importantly, we finally have some clues about what are we going to do. As for what is it, shhhh it’s a secret *smirk* . Now that each of us know our own role, we will take this responsibility and have no choice but to strive hard to achieve our goal.


we have already take a step forward, why haven’t you ?