“Bonita Applebum, You Got It Going On”

Dear Denise…

You’re awesome. You really are. You’re awesome because it goes beyond your body, social media status, portfolio and the ever growing number of people (myself included) who make you our #WCW. Your awesomeness comes being someone who has shown who they are while never going away from that and continuing to share messages of confidence in a time where many can’t find confidence in themselves.

When I first met you, it was in the middle of a busy street by Madison Square Garden and one of the first things, I told you during our brief conversation was how much I respect your message of self confidence. Despite the legions of people who love your body, there are people who want to talk down upon you and females of similar shape. They describe ladies like y’all as “unhealthy” *massive eye roll.

Lack of self confidence can be a big problem in all of us. People have and will continue to deal with it, in certain situations of life. I’ve never been the most confident guy with women, but recent encounters along with my new relationship has shown me that I have a lot to offer and something to be proud of. In a very good way, I might add. Why be sad about myself when I actually deserve happiness?

I just really dig your passion and intent behind your actions. Anybody with some knowledge of the modeling industry, knows how much perception can influence people. Certain images just consisted of who they thought was the “perfect” women. Those same images didn’t only manage to hurt the confidence of women but also kept beautiful women similar to you out of the spotlight and off platforms, y’all deserved. Well it appears, things are changing.

I think the best thing about our lives right now, is anybody’s capable of creating their own platform. For right or wrong, it’s true. As a model, your Instagram could easily consist of vacation pictures, flashing most of your body and selling “Flat Tummy” tea (I’m not saying it’s wrong, just pointing it out). But it’s much bigger then that. Your Instagram shows a women who models, lives life to the fullest, is active in her child’s life and shows confidence in herself no matter what. That is so awesome. You often include the hashtag #NoWrongWay in your photos. Well you’re certainly right about that, because everything you’ve done recently has been #TheRightWay.

Here’s to More Life, More Wins and More Success, Denise. Hope I get to sit down with ya and talk to you about this. Do you like wine spritzers?

  • Someone who really has a lot of respect for you…