Buy the damn music. Don’t illegally download it. Stop your dependence of getting links or hoping projects leaks. Buy the music, so we can continue to push the culture forward. Why? Because we are responsible for it. Yes, I’m saying us the fans can influence the culture more then anybody else. Just think about it. Our support can elevate them to levels, they never thought of. Success will come in many ways. And most importantly, when our support shows in the form of successful album sales, it gives Hip Hop more credibility when put against other genres.

I completely understand, how influential Hip Hop is too the world. I truly do and I’m all for it. But guess what? A lot of things in this world are influential, whether it’s good or bad. As humans, we take from each other, learn from each other in hopes of benefiting ourselves. It’s how the game goes. So I say all of that to say, that reason although legitimate, is not enough to not support our artists when it comes to buying their projects. We have to do better, my fellow fans of the genre.

In my opinion, I think Hip Hop has the best representatives in all of music.

If we truly want our genre and culture to be at “The Table”, when it comes to artist recognition, breaking boundaries and taking credit, it really starts with our financial investments. Of course, other genres may benefit more because of race and larger audiences, but half of their success can be contributed to fans actually buying the music. Just look at Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. All three of them are very talented artists, but I don’t believe any of their projects were better then what we heard from Drake, J. Cole and Kendrick. Seriously. It sold more (that’s not a surprise), but in terms of quality, our “Big Three” blew them out.

Hip Hop’s standing in the music world is growing bigger, because of successful sales that’s taken place. Contrast to the extremely biased/forever confusing fan base of Kendrick Lamar, other fans (Drake fans included) were very happy to see K-Dot sell over 600,000 copies in the first week. I spent days celebrating that feat and championed gim. We need special talents like Kenny to sale and reap the benefits of their hard work. I seriously mean that. It makes me upset to see talents, we hyped up sell less then 70,000 in the first week. Or barely touch 500,000 after a year of their project being out. IT IS EMBARRASSING. FORGET ABOUT THE LEAKS AND LINKS. SUPPORT AND SPEND YOUR $9.99. YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO IT ONCE OR TWICE A YEAR.

We sing “Mask Off” but this man is barely touching 400,000 copies sold.

I’m coming from the view as someone who not only streams ($4.99 plus tax for my college membership of Apple Music), but also buys music from various artists. And I do mean VARIOUS. But my main point is and will always be this: We the people have the capability of making Hip Hop bigger and better. What is deemed the wave and “who has next”, actually starts and finishes with us. Stop buying into this idea of the industry being so powerful. It’s not. It finds itself taking losses and adjusting so often, just like me and you. And while it’s usually easy to talk about solutions instead of doing it, let’s flip the script for once. If you’re a black fan, how aren’t you just sick and tired of hearing that white fans actually buy music, merchandise and go to concerts? And you wonder why our culture is “slipping away from us”.

The time for action is now. Let’s strike when the iron is hot. Drake and Kendrick have set the bar. Logic just released a really good project. Regardless of who your favorite artist is, just do this one thing… buy their music. Support. Heck even for online music, it doesn’t hurt to re-tweet or share a link. It actually makes a difference… now put your money where your debit card is.