What the hell is #stockAD?

And why is it going to revolutionize world of video commercials.

Isn’t it an awesome shot(for your commercial)?

I’ve always wanted to be able to quickly compose beautiful videos without the need of employing groups of people. Be pure with an idea, and not to spend days trying to convince people that I know that something can and will work.

I get it, I know that film production is an exciting experience, and it’s something you can easily love and hate at the same time. But sometimes, you need results, quickly, and efficiently.

That’s why I’ve decided to share with you my latest concept for a video product, which I’ve proudly named #stockAD.

So, what the hell is that you may ask. Good question indeed.

To put it bluntly:

I take high quality stock footage from sites like FilmSupply, or Dissolve, or any other I find suitable, look for perfect soundtrack(on MusicBed for example), drive around the city in the night thinking about some creative idea with music, and images in my mind, then I write copy, test different voice over artist, and finally edit entire thing, with my client branding/logo at the end.

Results may vary. But when I’ve shown my prototype (‘Winter is coming’) to fellow filmmakers, they were really excited about the possibilities.

Got a startup idea for horse breeders and need awesome video? Easy, I’ve got you covered. (credits to FilmSupply)
It looks like 300$k commercial dude.
Maybe you need some random dude at the lake as a background video for your website? (credits to FilmSupply)
I love how this approach can make film editors new rockstars.

I can’t really show you this prototype (it’s a commercial you can buy though), but let me give you something else.

A creative exercise which might give you partly similar feeling, as if you were watching my first #stockAD, well, it’s more like mini creative process, but let’s go ahead and do it:

  1. Play that music
  2. Think about the general theme — Winter is coming.
  3. Look at some awesome shots.
  4. Think about possibilities. You actually can afford this.

Back to the main idea.

There are some important points that you need to take into account while thinking about working with me on your #stockADs:

  • It really is only for brands and people who understand how important visual imagery can be when talking about brand ID
  • Those kind of commercials won’t sell particular product, instead, it is about selling your point of view, your unique perspective, thought, or idea that you support.

and of course one last thing — you can actually see video commercial before you buy one.

Ok. Enough with this. Just let me know if you might be interested in learning more about #stockADs.

PS. 90 seconds #stockAD with really awesome shots, and beautiful music + original copy + fresh voice over is almost 90% cheaper then similar commercial done in a traditional way.