What do we do at Ighub

Basically, for the layman that hears Innovation Growth Hub, the next question is ‘So what is it about?’

Now, in this article, we will take it slowly right from explaining how it began, where we are at now and what more is in the future.

How did it all begin?

The indigenes of South East Nigeria are widely famous for being business savvy. It is almost a hereditary thing. The rise and rise of technology has positively effected businesses. Innovative solutions to basic problems are springing up because of technology. Already existing businesses are getting better results from incorporating technology in their business. This has led to the rise of Startups. In Nigeria, beautifully, Lagos became the Tech hive very fast.

But you see, Lagos is not the only state in Nigeria. Other states are filled with teeming youth with a passion for providing solutions, already bootstrapping Startups but with no ecosystem in existence for support.

Infact at the Startup Weekend in Aba organised by Ighub in 2014. About 100 individuals were in attendance who had learnt on their own, had thought out solutions and had startups; solving local issues with a global perspective. It was a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, because of the lack of support and existence of a hub, most of them didn’t see South East as a place to begin from. They wanted to migrate and start up. This met the chance for technological advancement in the South East was getting slimmer.

This was a need. We set about creating a solution for it.

Where are we at now?

Beginning with meetups, basic support for teams by providing space, power and internet; Ighub began to attract even people without prior interest in Tech. The new-found interest in Tech soon led to these people learning how to code or to be valuable team members to startups.

Ighub got a space located at the heart of Aba town, becoming the first of its kind in Aba.

And since then; Ighub has hosted and supported 4 Start Up Weekends, Startup South 3, Google Developers Festival (DevFest 18) and so many others.

At the moment, Ighub works with startups at various stages of maturity by providing space, mentorship, Internet, power, training, business support services, warm Community and network for entrepreneurs, to mention but a few.

Currently, Ighub is home to 2 startups who receive mentoring and support to turn their ideas into businesses.

The future…

Very soon, the Ighub BizBoost Incubation Program will be kicking off the 12-week incubation program that will have startups undergo market validation exercises, business development training, mentorship, and seed fund to begin operation with.

(The link to be a part of this is bit.ly/IGHUBINCUBATION2018)

Ighub is set to raise driven innovative and creative young men and women from the South-East, who will add technological value to every sector of the economy and solve real problems. We will do so by incubating tech-preneurs, mentoring them and offering support through creative work spaces.

Because we understand the economic clime we are in, Ighub has also being fostering business growth and success by offering complete business support services; thereby stimulating economic growth and sustainable job creation in Nigeria through innovation.

The tech hub is dedicated to providing key ingredients like seed funding, mentorship, access to business expertise, networking opportunities, peer review, pitch development, product testing and introduction to investors.

Now, you know all about us!

Want to come see us? We are at 5th Floor, 62 Asa Road Aba