What is I Give Good Link?

Like a lot of ideas, I Give Good Link (IGGL for short) was born from scratching my own itch.

My morning routine is much the same each day, whether at home or on the road traveling, weekdays or weekends — and it’s probably not so different from yours.

I start by picking up the nearest connected device, usually my phone, sometimes a tablet, and hitting up my news sources of choice: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Nuzzel, Pocket and links sent to me by friends and family on Messenger and WhatsApp.

Once I've cued up the most interesting stories, I try to follow the principles laid out by Clay Johnson in his great book The Information Diet and hunt around to get as close as possible to the primary sources for the stories.

I brew up some tea and start reading, sharing what I think is the best stuff along the way. Except, sharing isn’t as simple as it once was — each site or app has its own quirks and I tend to share different articles to different channels, depending on the audience I think it’s relevant for. In some cases I want to broadcast articles to a wider audience on Facebook or Twitter, other times for more private sharing on Messenger or WhatsApp, based on which the people I’m sharing with prefer, the best way to reach some people is via email. Sometimes, I want to share to all of these channels simultaneously which gets pretty cumbersome as it means multiple copy/pastes, no fun on a smartphone sized screen.

Enter IGGL, which began as a sketched wireframe for this screen:

IGGL Share Screen

It’s simple enough, share once to IGGL, choose the channels you want to share to, the recipients and it goes out to those you’ve selected — quick and streamlined, so that you can get back to reading.

I figured, for a lot of people, that alone will be enough. But it got me thinking, what else could the app do?

The opportunity is neatly summed up by Chris Dixon:

Sharing what you think are the best links is one core aspect of the app and discovery of what other people think is worth sharing is the other.

IGGL News Feed
IGGL Profile

So, I’ve built an app that I’m going to be using a lot — it’s become an integral part of my morning routine already, and I hope others of you out there will too.

IGGL is presently in beta and will launch soon on Android.

To learn more and sign-up to be part of the beta visit I Give Good Link.

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