The Mask — A Poem of Two Lives

This is the story of one life, a poem of two lives.
The story of one man, a story of two men, this is two stories about one man
Or is he a god? A superhuman perhaps
Is he two bodies in one?
Or is he one that lives in two bodies?
Does anyone know who he really is?

He is either the strongest man that has ever lived or the weakest man that could never fight
The best leader of his time or just one with the biggest crowd going in the same direction as he
He is either the silver-tongued charmer whose words could melt a rock,
Or the one with the abrasive sand-paper tongue that bruises then smoothens
He is either the most faithful believer, the good and faithful servant 
Or the greatest hypocrite that ever appeared to believe.

He is many things yet juxtaposed to his ambitions he is nothing
He is a quiet man, a man of many words. 
A great listener yes, he is a great talker
But great talkers are great liars, and a great liar he is, 
But also a teller of infallible truths,
He is a proud man, but he is also modest; 
Yet modesty is but hallowed hypocrisy.
He is the one that survived to tell the tale, 
The one who died that the tale might be told
A hero in the people’s stories, he is the villain in his own story
He is either the greatest man that ever stood before men or
The wretched invalid that all men come to see, appearing to have an audience

You see, with a mask, anyone becomes anything;
With a mask, Clark Kent becomes Superman, 
Diego de la Vega becomes Zorro
Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow
With a mask, the wolf appears like a sheep, 
The devil like a roaring lion seeking one he may devour

But beneath this mask was a poor man wanting to make sense out of faith
For it is not that he didn’t have faith, it’s just that he also had sight
A man wanting to see then believe, yet wanting to be believed despite his mask
Beneath this mask was a man who also cried,
In deep sorrow in need of a super-hero, a savior
A man in need of some other masked hero to come and save him
But who would know who he was beneath the mask?
Would he reveal his visage, his true identity and suffer the shame 
But gain all he truly needed

Or would he just…
Put the mask back on and continue to live the lie he was used to..?

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