I feel like a lot of the people posting here in support of Azer have never been in the kind of…
Jonathan Bartus

The extremely wide trademark description is also the problem. It basically says : Anything with “kik” in it’s name belongs to use. There was kickstart about 20 years ago. I doubt the enforcement will survive in court. It might in the US, it will not in the EU.

About the “me agains the world mentality” : That’s caused by big corporations, which DON’T respect ownership and rights of individual developers. Plenty of examples out there.

And yes, while this could have been solved better, NPM’s decision was bad.

Azer’s communication was also far from perfect, but if I’ve gotten an email threatening to lawyer up and have all my accounts closed : I’ve would have been pissed as well.

And about the removal : If you screw people, you stand the change that people aren’t willing to work with you anymore. You have to live with the consequences. NPM is a COMMERCIAL organisation, not open source. Not even close.

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