Audio, sound, voices fix in Prey 2017

No sound in the game Prey 2017 — Patch Fix

Game Update — Prey Patch Fix.exe

1) Download the patch
2) Run the patch installation
3) Play and enjoy

Prey 2017 no sound, no voice (issue solved)

The story of the game Prey 2017:
In fact, developers carry out a childhood dream and create their own System Shock with an admixture of ideas from Dishonored and BioShock. The action takes place in the future on a huge space station “Talos-1”. The main character here working scientist (or a scientist), Morgan Yu, are free to explore it freely and to visit all places and crannies — unless, of course, will be able to get there. (By the way, technical programmer, which in 1998 year was hired by 3D Realms for the revival of work on the first part, called Corinna Yu — perhaps this is one of the few references to the legacy series.)

Prey 2017 How to Fix Audio Crash

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