OpenAI Just Killed an Entire Market in 45 Minutes

The Story Everyone Should Have Seen Coming

Ignacio de Gregorio
6 min readNov 9


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This is a story about how a 45-minute speech killed an entire billion-dollar market.

This week OpenAI had its first-ever developer conference. Fewer times in history had there been higher expectations of a private technology event, and the OpenAI did not disappoint.

They announced a new, smarter GPT-4 model named ‘Turbo’ and they included several fascinating features that severely improve outputs and offer developers much more control over their models.

And all this while still managing to decrease, once again, API costs.

But one announcement went swiftly past most of the media while being the one with the highest immediate impact on the AI market, as this new feature alone threatens an entire start-up ecosystem and billions of invested capital.

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