Tiny is Trendy

Forget about everything else. (down)Size matters. The smaller, the cooler. The Tiny Trend is here, so here’s my tiny article about it.

The old idea of the American Dream based on a big, confortable home with an ample garage embedded is not just old, but so out of style now. Forget about owning several huge, fuel-thirsty cars. Forget about to even become the owner of a lot of things. Now it’s all about being humble, sustainable, portable, and small. Very small. Tiny.

Tiny Homes

To own a tiny house is one of the strongest trends these days. The idea of making simplicity your way of life, to live according to the laws of minimalism has led some people to build ultra small homes, both fixed or mobile, where every single cubic inch counts. Zero waste of space. No need for large bookshelves in the times of the e-book. No need for a big office when we live in the post-PC days. And it’s not only about to save space and money in the era of the increasing inequality and decreasing wages. It’s because it makes everything so terribly cozy, so Pinteresting and therefore so prone to be liked. And it seems that we live in a society where the Likes are the new coin.

Example of a tiny home. Source: Gizmodo (http://io9.gizmodo.com/this-ultra-tiny-house-is-perfect-for-the-post-apocalyps-1657478770)

There is plenty of examples of tiny homes around. Some of them are true downscaled versions of traditional houses. Some other are made of shipping containers. But they have to look so tiny from the outside, and so cozy from the inside.

How space is managed inside a tiny home. Source: http://www.hgtv.com/remodel/interior-remodel/10-extreme-tiny-homes-pictures

But there’s even more. If your tiny, cozy home is also mobile and self-sustainable, collecting its own water and energy (from the sun or windmills), then you got it. The cutting edge in this concept could be one invention from a slovak architecture company called Ecocapsule. This capsules are homes ready for one single occupant (or may be two loving ones!) with the minimum amount of appliances to ensure life support. These capsules are claimed to be totally autonomous and be placed anywere. Tiny, simple, sustainable. The hallmark of our times, the times of climate change, scarcity, the end of jobs, the variety of families and human relationships.

This is an Ecocapsule in the middle of nature.

But there’s even more in the Tiny Trend World.

Tiny Culture

Music is another universe where the Tinism has come (for good?). While macro concerts and festivals are living a golden age, there exist a parallel trend that exploits the Tiny concept. This is the case of the Tiny Desk Concerts of the NPR. It’s been such these kind of live performances since the radio broadcast exist, but now that everything goes video as well, it’s not enough to show a regular radio studio but rather a cozy environment. So why not a desk, where musicians have to struggle to just fit themselves and their instruments in that space?

Example of Tiny Desk Concert from NPR

I just came today from a tiny concert. It was inside a small food store, that was celebrating their anniversary. A whole band of four were performing in the middle of dozens of people hanging around, eating and drinking. So wonderful and cozy, but I came along the musicians and they told me they were having hard time playing in such a tiny space where temperature was so hot. So cozy, so such nice instagram pictures but so unconfortable!

The french group “Los Franchutes de la Sierra” performing today at La Tiendita Mexicana del Valles in a tiny concert

And there’s is also books. Again, the golden era of booklets. Small handbooks, tiny comics, slim notebooks are filling the shelves of bookstores that are trying to survive.

The Tiny book of Tiny stories

And gifts. Individual, preserved roses that last for years instead of large flower bouquets.

Restaurants have been replaced with individuals sharing their kitchens and home for tiny dinners.

Is this Tiny Revolution just a trend that will be blown up in a few years, or is it just the advance of a new reality? We face a future where self-driven cars will be fully available everywhere, so we won’t need not just to own a car but to even apply for a driving license. All the information we’ll need (career, leisure, culture, etc.) will be instantly available from the Cloud, so we don’t have to own any object related to that. Most of goods will come from the sharing economy. Most of our relationships won’t last long. So to Tiny everything seems like the straightforward solution.

If the future is going to be harsh, let’s make it look cozy at least, isn’t?
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