Is the technology necessary in our lives ?

One of the most important things in our lives is technology, either cellphones, tablets, laptops or anything that works with electricity. Maybe life would better without these things, but nothing is going to change that. In my opinion , I am very happy with my cellphone or my iPad, because these devices make life easier. In my childhood I didn't have any of these things, and I was very happy, because I went to play in my garden. I am going to talk about new technologies and if these are necessary or not.

Apple watch

This gadget is the last invention of Apple. It works with a Bluetooth connection with the cellphone, so you have to buy an iPhone to use the Apple watch. It performs almost the same functions as an iPhone, but on your arm. If you want the latest technology and you have the money, this is a good option, but to be honest, this is a luxury item, so is not necessary for everyday life , because the cellphone is enough. The watch is very expensive, at a price of more than 15,000 dollars. Will be it really necessary ?

Samsung Galaxy Glass

The function of the Samsung Galaxy Glass is to have the cellphone in front at your face, but using glasses instead. I don't know really how to use this, but it appears be very uncomfortable. These smart glasses can show you how to arrive somewhere or to see any message in your cellphone. This may be is useful, but it can block your vision. In my opinion this is an unnecessary expense.

3D Printer

The 3D printer is a machine to make things of steel, ceramic, plastic, etc. Maybe, this is the easiest form of to make a project. You can buy this machine on the internet to use it in your house, or in a company. The difference between this technology and the other two previous devices in this blog is that the 3D Printer is really necessary, because people will buy it for business use.It is really convenient, because is useful for industries and personal projects.

Here I addressed the most recent technologies. Some are necessary and others not so much. Perhaps in the future, these devices will be necessary in the everyday life. They will be better, and cheaper, and all the people will can use them.

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