Turning 30

Reflections on the 3 decades of my life.

Turning 30 seemed such a far away goal growing up, an old age I would have never arrived to, and it’s actually going to happen in a few hours. 
Being so close to entering this fourth decade of life made me reflect on life in a perspective that filled me with gratitude.

1My first decade of life was pretty sweet, being taken care of from my beloved Mom and Dad was pretty great, no responsibilities, no worries about the future, growing a lot, playing with friends and figuring out how lighters and other flammable devices worked. My very first memory of life is actually my grandma Maria hugging and kissing me at her house that always smelled like amazing food. I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing her because she passed away when I was 5, but I did have the time to enjoy my grandpa Ignazio from whom I heard the most amazing survival stories during world war two. I’m very proud to carry his name today.

2 My second decade started with an unexpected gift, literally 15 days after turning 10 my little brother came into existence, Amedeo brought a lot of joy into my life, having a little human replicating everything I did (Including fake burps and farts) was awesome. He spent all the time in my bedroom and brought me smiles during the confusing and challenging teen-years! Sorry Mom and Dad for all the stress I gave you then! I did a lot of weird and irresponsible stuff that I actually have no regrets about, besides the fact that I gave you sleepless nights!
In these years I have also meet my best friend Michel, a rather short Korean guy with limitless night-time energy, a strong Milano’s accent and a cigarette always lighten up. I thank Michel for saving my life several times and for putting it in big danger some others.
In these rather tumultuous years my parents Piera and Pasquale have surrounded me with unconditional love and care, and taught me life principles that I’ll carry with me forever.

3 In my third decade a LOT has happened and for the sake of time I had to shrink it in under 300 words. 
Here I finally understood what my life work was gonna be, designing things! I always loved disassembling things, understanding how they worked, drawing, painting and making tools to solve problems. So realizing that my passion could become my job was huge and gave me a clear direction and purpose. 
At 22 I meet the love of my life, Melissa was so unbelievably loving and fun that I decided to spend my life with her, moved to Las Vegas and married her twice! Once in a drive through at the Little White Chappel, and then with family and friends at her parents house in Temecula CA.
We then moved to San Francisco, then Boston where we received the gift of our daughter Sofia a little bundle of love that brought a lot of new things into our life, including tons of love, diapers, sleepless nights, daycare expenses, hugs and kisses. I’m so proud for all that she has become since then.
Sick of Boston’s winter we moved back to SF where me and Melissa have joined forces and started our design studio Meno Design. I absolutely love working with Melissa, we spend 100% of our time together, she just understand me in a way that nobody else can and I never get sick of her (besides very brief moments here and there :)
Two week ago right before the ending of this third decade of my life another gift arrived, little Leonardo! His arrival made me realize how you can divide your love without ever running out or even diminishing it. I feel so blessed looking at his little chubby hands and I’m excited to see him grow up and interact with his sister.

Tomorrow I will enter an entirely new decade that I have absolutely no idea what is going to bring. Despite the weeks of sleepless nights, I’ve never been so excited, motivated, and full of joy, so I guess that will set a good start.

Thank you to my all family, friends and clients for your sustained support so far, I’ll pay you back somehow. I apologize to my Italian fellas for writing this in English but my written Italian has rusted out a bit… and you should learn English anyway ;)


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