To track or not to track

On digital advertising

Photo by Matthew Bedford on Unsplash

Dear [website],

Indeed, I use an ad blocker. Not because I don’t want to see any ads, but because I don’t want to be tracked across the web.

You ask me to whitelist your site, because ads are a source of income to you. I fully understand that. However, I am unable to unblock the ads without unblocking the trackers associated with them.

On your site, it’s about DoubleClick, Lotame, and Gemius. These platforms sell data to other parties, whom I really don’t know. That’s what I object to. What might they do with my data?

Displaying ads and tracking users are conceptually two different things. I am just against the tracking, not against the ads per se. Unfortunately, the two are entangled too often.

Maybe, [website] could consider displaying static ads, i.e., without the trackers? I would be very happy to whitelist the ad displaying on [website], then.

So, I understand your point of view that ads are a source of income, and I hope you understand my point of view that I just don’t want to be tracked.

Best wishes,