Ignee’s Two Accelerator Programs

What’s this accelerator for?

Our goal is simple: to bring the most promising teams and projects to the forefront of the blockchain industry by joining together seasoned talent and a dedicated focus on early-stage execution and growth under one roof. Through a four month immersion, we offer teams the skills and much needed expertise to springboard their project into the marketplace with the support of a community of thought leaders in the EOS ecosystem. We’re launching our first accelerator batch on EOS, which is now surpassing Ethereum in Dapps daily active users. If you want to learn more about why we’re launching on EOS, here’s a link to our other article.

Ignee features two unique accelerator programs, you will pick the one best suited to you depending on your current stage and end goal.

  1. Corporate Acceleration Program

Enterprises and corporations are eager for innovation. Enterprise has demand for decentralized solutions but needs proven models of partnerships. The value of blockchain technologies is indisputable, now the question corporations are daunted by is “how to implement it?”.

The accelerator works to bridge industry giants who crave cutting edge technology and young startups that require expertise and mentorship to advance solutions to common pain points.

Our corporate acceleration programs provide you with

  • Years of industry expertise
  • Insight on real client needs
  • Global Internal and infrastructural pain points
  • Data sets to model, test and build upon

Who is this program for?

The corporate acceleration program is geared towards teams looking to implement blockchain architecture to solve existing problems that deal with data, security, trust or identity verification on an enterprise level.

Here’s an example. А healthcare company interested in testing out on a protocol to solve the problem of patient record verification among active parties including doctors, hospitals, health insurance providers and patients themselves. They partner with us and provide you with all the information you need to model a solution.

Next Ignee will help you

  • get your hands on the corporation’s data sets to map out the architecture
  • deploy a sandbox solution for enterprise
  • Gain mentorship from the corporation to help you structure your project
  • Phase your proposed implementation step by step

If you feel like Ignee is place for you to be apply here.

2. Community Driven Acceleration Program

We’re driven by the reciprocal power of being community for generating support, knowledge, and advancing shared interests for the blockchain ecosystem. It anchors our application process, where a shortlisted group of the most promising projects pitches directly to the community. Then, we put the projects and their teams to a community vote — anyone, using the Ignee Token, can vote on a project.

Each team gets voted on by the community using Ignee Tokens, and top 10 projects with the most votes get into the accelerator. It’s a model we firmly believe in, ensuring that you have the support of a massive community before you even start your journey here at the accelerator, and another reason to believe in your team’s success with Ignee.

The difference between this program and the corporate accelerator is that this one is designed for projects that are not yet businesses, they are just ideas with some work done on them.

The focus of this program is to take your idea and create a business model for it. Next step is to test it among community users that supported you with their votes from the start, so when you come out with a beta, you will have users eager to sign up and try your product or service. This model ties in the community providing you with exposure that makes it easier to generate user adoption during those formative crucial months. We know that kind of early traction is particularly attractive to investors, which you are looking for at the point of graduating from the program. By building a project that will support the community, you can count on the community to help you get to the fundraising rounds with an unfair advantage — active users. It’s a win win.

How are the programs different from other accelerators?

At Ignee we’re on a mission to seek out business models at the intersection of three pivotal technologies. We’re onboarding blockchain projects that leverage key data science and gamification pathways to incentivize user adoption of dapps and other protocols. Having identified these core components that take a project and accelerate it to a product that gains adoption faster than any other methods out there, we know we’ve got our finger on the pulse of innovation. That’s why teams come to build here, with us.

If you feel like Ignee is place for you to be apply here.

If I get accepted, what happens next?

Your journey begins in Kiev, where we meet, great and provide you with office space From day one you’ll be diving into brainstorming sessions with your new advisors. Emerge with a clear view of your milestones and a roadmap for the next four months.

We then take you through a series of workshops to ensure your team has black belt level skills to execute in the fourth industrial revolution, this core program includes

Project management

Product management


Fundraising strategy

Market validation

User Experience

Team Management

Business Modelling and Tokenomics


All throughout, you’ll be meeting your two mentors in weekly advisory sessions to guide you along the way ensuring your program journey is successful and that your team achieves its goals.

Your full immersion for four months culminates in our accelerator hackathon, by which point you’ve been equipped with the skills and support to get you and your team to an MVP. You’ll be refining your pitching prowess in front your peers and advisors during our accelerator demo days, so by the time your team arrives to our networking dinners with industry leaders and investors your success is ensured.

If you feel like Ignee is place for you to be apply here.

Getting in and coming onboard

Ignee is not your typical tech accelerator — we’re strictly focused on advancing the fourth industrial revolution and bringing projects to the marketplace to make it a reality now. It means we only accept teams that require blockchain technology or are building infrastructure to improve its adoption. It doesn’t mean that the project must be tokenized or involve an ICO, but these are welcomed.

What do we look for in you? Teams should have a minimum of two founders, preferably one who is engineering focused and the other on product and marketing. You should have some proof of concept to illustrate that you have technology that can be developed into a market-ready MVP. Most importantly, we want to see that a coherent understanding of blockchain and/or decentralized applications has been thoughtfully applied to your project.

Upon Graduating

After four months, your team emerges equipped with a substantial amount knowledge and learning, but importantly, a soft launch MVP. We’ll provide you with the resources and opportunities to quickly test and evaluate early traction. Business models built on real metrics is what most ICOs lack, and having a solid one distinguishes early stage startups competing for angel investments. We want to support blockchain projects that seek venture funding to solve real pain points in the industry. After the program you will be ready for fundraising, whether its done privately, through an ICO, or both.

Why Ukraine?

The word is out. Ukraine has established itself as an technology powerhouse, according to a recent Financial Times article, and the reasons are clear why this is Europe’s new Silicon Valley. With one of the most abundant technology talent pools in the world, and located at the center of the globe, Ukraine attracts business leaders from all regions and verticals. It’s no wonder why companies like Snapchat, Amazon, Facebook and Google have acquired technology companies here. Ukraine has a tradition of high tech innovation, creating the 1st ASIC mining chip and leading the mining revolution early on with 40% of bitcoin mined here in 2014. 10 top cryptocurrency exchanges have development offices here, and with over 200,000 engineers there is no shortage of talent to drive the blockchain revolution forward.

If you feel like Ignee is place for you to be apply here.